Paediatric Optometry
Paediatric Optometry Clinic

Paediatric optometry is a branch of optometry that focuses on methods for evaluating and executing tests to determine eye problems and pathological visual defects in children. Children are usually referred into this clinic with suspected reduced vision in one or both eyes, concerns of a possible squint and/or binocular anomalies, for which the Orthoptist will investigate. The Optometrist will than carry out a refraction (glasses test) to determine whether glasses are needed. Not all children will require these drops for the test to take place, however this will depend on the type of refraction requested and in some older children a non-cycloplegic (without drops) refraction may be possible.

The Orthoptists will then follow up the children that have been diagnosed with a defect and complete treatment or observation prior to the child being discharged, without the need to be seen by an Ophthalmologist. A small number of children are referred to an Ophthalmologist for a second opinion or to discuss squint surgery.

Quality Control System

We ensure that every optometrist has an updated Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

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