About Us

Do you need a new pair of high quality glasses at an affordable price with professional clinical eyecare assessment?

Have you ever faced a situation where you come across beautiful prescription glasses but the price is too expensive or the price is cheaper but less in quality? These are just facts of life that we know as part of society that need vision correction. Optom Eyecare was set up by experienced optical industry experts to overcome the expensive price problem required to obtain a new pair of high quality glasses.

Optom Eyecare is a brand experienced in managing the vision system and selling branded optical goods. We started operating in 2016, from a virtual online business and now we have helped thousands of needy people through premises opened near your residence. We have our first optical store located at Alor Setar and when business grew year by year, we established our second branch on April 2021 which located at Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

It’s time for you to stop putting pressure on yourself in order to regain your perspective! We stand strong as one of the stores that offer quality glasses and sunglasses at reasonable prices. We always strive to achieve a combination of efficiency, excellence and elegance in our optometry.

  • Optom balances between the logo philosophy & profesional services provided. Ensuring the best in  sight once you left the clinic.

  • When you think of it, optometrist accompany you for most of your waking hours — they decide how you see the world.


A world class optometry and optical centre that give priority to the community. Optom Eyecare is equipped with the best facilities to provide services equivalent to a 5-star hotel.


  • Provide a five star and conducive atmosphere.

  • Give uncompromising assignments.

  • Train the best team for the sake of customers.


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